The Health City Has Become The First Health Blog To Hire A Vegan-Health Expert In Nigeria, West Africa

Veganism is indeed taking Nigeria by storm as many Nigerians are now becoming aware of the negative impact of animal agriculture on their health, the climate, and the environment, and "The Health City" is not taking this for granted, as they have now hired a Vegan-Health Expert/Writer named (Daniella Obuwan Oshiame, IG @onlyobuwan), to answer all the bugging questions about veganism, and to support/cater to the needs of all transitioning/long-term vegans In Nigeria, West Africa.

It is the first of its kind, as this has put "The Health City" on the map. They have become the first and only health blog to hire a Vegan-Health Expert in Nigeria, and their Vegan-Health Consultancy Services are free. All you need do is go to "The Health City’s" website ( and click on the chat box in the bottom right corner to get started.

Vegan business owners in Nigeria and abroad are not left out, as they can now advertise their vegan products on "The Health City’s" website for a fee.

"The Health City" is a Nigerian youth-led social enterprise dedicated to improving the health and well-being of adolescents and young people by the provision of accurate health information, preventive health education, and designed onsite projects curated specially for young people.

They focus on three thematic areas: Sexual Health, Mental Health, Fitness, and Diet. "The Health City" aims to help youths make informed health decisions that can improve their overall present and future quality of health, and also provide them with affordable and easy access to healthcare.

Your Future Is Now, Go Vegan!!

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